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"Let us love one another, for love is from God, and who loves has been born of God and knows God."    1 John 4:7

A Good Work

As I see how much my kids have grown, I was reminded just how time keeps flying by. A photo on my phone reminded me of a story years ago when both of my kids were considerably younger: Emilia was playing with Joey. He was rocking on hands and knees, and occasionally lunging forward then Army crawling. Emilia took a truck and split the distance between the two and then loudly announced, “I’ll race you!” She proceeded to Army crawl toward the truck. Joey was enthralled, engrossed, carefully scrutinizing every aspect of her movement. Then he lunged, mimicking his sister almost perfectly and he got the truck! (Well, ok, Emilia let him get it) Seeing them play and learn was both heartwarming and a clear sign that both children were getting more mature (as much as a three-year-old and a five month old can) —and how much has changed now!.

Watching them the other night I was reminded that we live our faith much the same way—carefully scrutinizing someone trusted, loved, and close to us who becomes our guide and teaches us the movements of our lives of faith. Initially we watch parents or older siblings, eventually, we watch our peers, and finally, as we get older, we watch our children. And we watch our own reflection.

In this long, hot summer, reflecting on who has taught us and what we’ve learned is important. In this summer of loss and grief, reflecting on the gifts we’ve been given by those here before us is important. In this summer of uncertainty about so many things, reflecting on the long arc of history reminds us that the future was never as certain as we thought it was, and the certainty of God’s presence is our hope, as well as God’s promise to us. We wait the labor pains of the Holy Spirit’s work, remembering that the good work God began in us will be brought to completion.

I hope that your summer days are filled with watching, reflecting, faith and wonder. My prayer is that you’ll recognize every moment as a gift from God.


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